Jan 13

New ACR100I SIMFlash II by ACS offers combined smart card and memory storage capabilities

HONG KONG, 13 Jan 2012 – ACR100I SIMFlashIIAdvanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS, wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Card Systems Holdings Ltd., SEHK: 8210), Asia Pacific’s number one supplier and one of the world’s top 3 suppliers of PC-linked smart card readers (Source: Frost & Sullivan), today introduces its ACR100I SIMFlash II PC-Linked Reader with Mass Storage. Combining smart card reader, memory storage and contactless card capabilities in a single device, ACR100 SIMFlash II supports a wide array of applications, from e-Government, e-Banking and e-Payment, to GSM Management, VoIP, Loyalty Programs and Network Security.

No bigger than a typical USB stick, ACR100I SIMFlash II is an upgraded version of the ACR100 SIMFlash, which won the D’ucoty Award in the “Telecommunications – Product Innovation” category in 2006. Its smart card reader interface supports a variety of SIM-sized smart cards,  including ISO 7816 cards, microprocessor cards with T=0 and  T=1 protocol, memory cards and GSM cards compliant with the 11.11 specification. Meanwhile, it allows users to store up to 8GB volume of data via its NAND Flash memory, which can be partitioned into three sections depending on the user’s needs. Furthermore, it has an embedded Mifare chip that allows it to act as a contactless card for use in various contactless operations, such as physical access control. With its PC/SC and CCID compliance, it is easy to integrate the ACR100I SIMFlash II into various smart card systems, particularly those running in PC environments.

Although the ACR100I SIMFlash II and ACR100F SIMFlash have almost the same set of functionalities, what set them apart are ACR100I’s embedded Mifare chip and new casing. Below is a short comparison of the two:


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (mm) 77.0 x 23.0 x 10.0 76.0 x 26.0 x 23.4
USB Plug Fixed Retractable
Host Interface
USB 2.0 Yes Yes
Mass Storage
Built-In Flash Memory (GB) Max. 8
Default 2
Max. 8
Default 2
Additional Features
Partitionable Flash Memory Yes Yes
Contactless Interface No Yes

The flexibility and convenience offered by the features of ACR100I SIMFlash II make it ideal for frequent travelers who want to access smart card applications anytime, anywhere. Its innovative way of combining smart card reader and mass storage capabilities enables one to store and distribute large amount of files, while at the same time, making them protected and invulnerable to security threats that normally make common data storage devices unsafe for storing important and confidential files.

Learn more about ACR100I SIMFlash II here.

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