Apr 14

ACS brings ACR101 SIMicro for application of digital signature

HONG KONG, 14 Apr, 2010 – Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS, wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Card Systems Holdings Ltd., SEHK: 8210), Asia Pacific’s top supplier and one of the world’s top 3 suppliers of PC-linked smart card readers (Source: Frost & Sullivan), today launches the ACR101 SIMicro, a USB token that combines a smart card reader and a MicroSD memory card slot. The ACR101 SIMicro is designed to access SIM-sized smart cards and provide secure data and application storage for various smart card applications.

In recent years, flash memory has overtaken older data storage ACR101 mediums like CDs and floppy disks. With their compact sizes and larger memory capacities, flash memory devices like USB sticks and memory cards provide users with more convenient and expandable data storage options. One drawback in using this medium for storing important files is its vulnerability to security threats when connected to a computer. However, combining smart card technology and flash memory into a single device can provide the latter with its needed protection from security breaches.

The new ACR101 SIMicro is developed based on the success of the ACR100 SIMFlash, which won the 2006 D’ucoty “Product Innovation Award in Telecommunications”. Besides featuring a reader for SIM-sized cards, the device has support for MicroSD cards with memory of up to 8GB. As a SIM-sized smart card reader, ACR101 SIMicro enables signing documents electronically over a computer and ensures documents and data can be protected and exchanged in a secure manner. Meanwhile, it uses encryption to store files securely inside the MicroSD card, making the information inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Specially designed for users who are frequently on the go, ACR101 the ACR101 SIMicro requires no additional cable and driver installation, as its CCID and PC/SC compliances enable its hassle-free integration into a PC environment. It also supports ISO 7816 smart cards, memory cards, and GSM cards compliant with the 11.11 specification. Further, the device features an option to embed MiFare 1K chip, which can act as a contactless card for various contactless applications, including logical and physical access control.

“Product innovation has been one of the major drivers of our growth in the industry,” said Mr. Tan Keng Boon, ACS Chief Technical Officer. “With the ACR101 SIMicro, we have achieved the marriage between the security provided by smart card technology and the viability of flash memory for data storage, thus allowing us to provide security and flexibility in various smart card applications.”

Learn more about ACR101 SIMicro here.

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