Jul 26

ACS addresses current market trends with versatile ACOS6 and ACOS7 smart cards

HONG KONG, 26 Jul, 2010 — Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS, wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Card Systems Holdings Ltd., SEHK: 8210), Asia Pacific’s number one supplier of PC-linked smart card readers, today addresses the current market trends with versatile ACOS6 Multi-application & Purse (MAP) Card and ACOS7 Dual Interface Smart Card .

Multiplicity is Key: ACOS6 Multi-application & Purse (MAP) Card
ACOS6 Multi-application & Purse (MAP) Card
Recently, the ACOS6 was deployed for two major projects in Eastern Europe – an e-purse card system for factories and an e-ID system for universities. More than 100,000 pieces of ACOS6 cards were deployed to the factories, which were used by workers to buy food and other items in their canteen without using any cash. Meanwhile, 60,000 pieces were supplied to the universities where the ACOS6 cards were developed based on its local government’s specification for student ID cards.

ACOS6 SDK The viability of ACOS6 for various applications draws from its capability to address the requirements of multiple applications and multiple e-purses with secured access hierarchy of multiple levels. ACOS6 allows developers to incorporate more than one application in just one card, since individual applications are secured and use separate e-purses. This means that a single ACOS6 card can alternately fulfill the function of a membership card, a prepaid card and loyalty card, etc. Likewise, it can be enhanced by using the ACOS6-SAM (Security Access Module) Card that enables mutual authentication, secure messaging and key diversification to give applications added layers of security.
Aboard AFC: ACOS7 Dual Interface Smart Card

ACOS7 Dual Interface Smart Card

Introduced in the final quarter of 2009, the ACOS7 by ACS achieved the certification for compliance with China’s Ministry of Construction (MoC) standard, a national “All-in-One Card” standard defined by the Chinese Government. The standard was established as a result of the MoC’s vast involvement in nationwide “All-in-One Card” projects, which entailed the usage of a single smart card for multiple applications, for transit and/or non-transit. This certification provides testament to ACOS7’s versatility, and gives it license to enter the booming Automated Fare Collection (AFC) projects in China and the rest of the world. ACOS7

A dual interface card, ACOS7 supports both contact and contactless interfaces. Optionally, it can be developed with only the contactless interface. ACOS7 is also compliant with the global ISO7816-4 standard. It supports secure e-purse and e-deposit transactions, and can be applied in transportation, retail, property and utility supply management, parking toll, and more.

Learn more about these products at http://www.acos6.com/ and http://www.acos7card.com/ .

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