Mar 10

ACS is shortlisted for the 2010 Asian SESAMES Award

Asian SESAMES Awards HONG KONG, 10 MAR, 2010 – Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS, wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Card Systems Holdings Ltd., SEHK: 8210), Asia Pacific’s number one supplier of PC-linked smart card readers, today announces that its eH880 eHealth Smart Card Terminal has been selected as one of the five finalists in the 2010 Asian SESAMES Award by CARTES in Asia.

CARTES in Asia organized the first Asian SESAMES Award, which aims to reward the best technological innovations developed for the Asia Pacific market in the field of smart cards, digital security, identification, secure transactions, Internet of Things, and contactless technologies. ACS submitted an application for candidacy in the competition, with its eH880 as its representative product. The eH880 eHealth Smart Card Terminal, which has just won the 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Industry Certificate of Merit, was shortlisted along with four other finalists by the Asian SESAMES Award jury members, who are all industry professionals.eH880 eHealth Smart Card Reader

With a dual interface that makes it compatible with both contact and contactless cards, the eH880 facilitates secure mutual authentication, displays detailed and multiple-layered information, and facilitates transactions through both private and public network infrastructures without compromising security. It is ergonomically designed and enhanced with additional features such as WiFi access and biometric fingerprint sensor.

“We are very pleased to be one of the five finalists of the first ever Asian SESAMES Award held by CARTES in Asia. Having been recognized for its revolutionary contribution to the electronic healthcare market, our eH880 terminal is once again proven to be a formidably competitive product in the industry. We are excited and looking forward to the outcome of the award deliberation,” expressed Mr. Denny Wong, Chairman and CEO of ACS.

As of March 9, 2010, the five finalists of the Asian SESAMES Award will be subject to final decision of the judging panel. The announcement of the winner will take place in the Asian SESAMES Award Ceremony on March 16, 2010, following the commencement of the Asian Card Summit in the same day.

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